How to choose the correct Uponor Pre-Insulated pipe


Is your pipe for hot or cold water?

A relatively easy one to answer here, is the
pipe going to be used for hot or cold water supply? as Uponor
pre insulated pipe has pipes to cover both.

Cold Water Supply

If it is for potable cold water then Uponor’s Supra pipe would
be the pipe to go for. It’s made especially for potable (drinking) water and
comes fully WRAS approved. It’s Uponor pre
insulated pipe at its finest!

Supra starts at 25/68 which is a single 25mm
pipe housed in a total of 68mm insulation and continues all the way up to a
whopping 110/200!

Uponor’s Supra plus pipe is
exactly the same but has a small electrical current running in tandem with the
pipe to prevent the pipe from freezing during very cold weather, this needs to
be installed by a professional electrician and also requires an Uponor Supra+
connection kit, however if your pipe is at risk of freezing then the extra
investment may well turn out to be a wise choice.

Hot water supply

Uponor pre insulated pipe is mainly utilised
for hot supply,
should your
pipes be carrying hot water then there are a few options you could go for,
depending on what you are trying to achieve. Uponor
pre insulated pipe comes in so many variations, it can be confusing

Uponor’s best-selling pipe with a simple flow
and return is the Ecoflex Thermo Twin this
pipe starts at 2×25/175 which is twin 25mm pipes, housed in a total of 175mm
insulation, and is a simple flow and return system , the pipe goes all the way
up to 2×63/200 where larger flow rates are required. Thermo twin is the ideal
solution for distributing heating water in local heat supply networks, or for
connecting building complexes and single houses.

The Ecoflex Aqua pipe system is
specifically designed for hot water distribution. With a thicker wall than the
Thermo pipe system it facilitates to take the higher demands required in
distribution of hot water. The single version starts at 40/140, so that’s a
40mm pipe housed in 140mm insulation, this pipe goes up to 110/175, there is
also a twin version that starts at 25mm and goes up to 75mm.

The Uponor Quattro is a perfect
mix of both the Thermo and Aqua products. With 2 pipes for heating services
flow and return and 2 pipes for domestic hot water flow and return, so
everything is all wrapped up in the single pipe for ease of installation. Its a
great product that has sold really well over the years mainly due to this
unique benefit.

Is heat loss a top priority?

If heat loss is a major concern, then Uponor’s
VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) range really is in a class of its own. This ground
breaking pipe can reduce heat loss by up to 60% , with a lambda value of only 0,004 W/Mk, making it
possibly the best range of pre insulated pipes on the market.

The VIP range consists of the VIP Ecoflex Thermo Single or Twin Pipe

And the VIP Ecoflex Aqua Single or Twin
, its Uponor’s premier league of pipes you could say. I know
from personal experience that they were installed in the home of a very famous
individual, who has extremely close links to the “premier league” and
the acronym “VIP” but I’m not sure Uponor would appreciate me naming
them on this blog!!

All jokes and VIP shoulder rubbing apart,
these really are top class pre-insulated pipes if they match your site/legal
requirements. Uponor pre insulated pipe VIP range
is superb!

Uponor pre insulated pipe Summary

Hopefully you now feel more empowered to pick
the correct uponor pre insulated pipe for
your project, if you do have any questions or would like any assistance at all,
please feel free to contact us. We can provide data sheets for all of our
products as well as practical advice, help and tips on installation gained
through many years of working alongside Uponor.

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